Penny Gets a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Chapter 20 

Thursday 5th December
7:13am – Lying in the Castle of Penny

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Penny: ‘Just woke up covered in tinsel’
Charlie: ‘What happened last night? Have the vampires in your cupboard turned into Santa’s elves?’
Penny: ‘Sadly I do not think my wardrobe has upgraded its supernatural inhabitants. I suspect it has more to do with the Pinkerton Family Christmas Tree decorating session I happened to be a part of last night…’
Charlie: ‘Ah… how did that go?’
Penny: ‘Let’s see, Mum wore an outfit comprised entirely of tinsel and Christmas aprons, Dad covered every doorway, computer screen, tv screen, cabinet, bookshelf and moving object including myself with tinsel, Bob made 329 inappropriate jokes about the blue baubles on the tree and Flossie serenaded us until the cats outside started joining in. To be frank, we make the Griswold’s look awfully normal…’
Charlie: ‘At least it’s over now’
Penny: ‘Oh no, it ain’t over til the inflated Fat Man sings… and Dad hasn’t even put him up on the roof yet…’

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Penny’s Glowing

Chapter 19

Thursday 28th November 

7:21am – Lying in the Castle of Penny

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Flossie: ‘Can you hear that warbling in the kitchen?’
Penny: ‘Yes… It woke me up’
Flossie: ‘What is IT?’
Penny: ‘If my hearing serves me correctly Floss, that is the sweet sound of Mother Dearest singing along to her favourite songs’
Flossie: ‘What?! She doesn’t sing! She only ever sings when she’s listening to…. OH GOD’
Penny: ‘It’s most, wonderfulllll timeeeee of the year!’
Flossie: ‘Christmas Carols’
Penny: ‘Ho ho ho!’

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Penny Ploughs On

Chapter 17 

Thursday 14th November 

7:02am – Lying in the Castle of Penny 

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Flossie: ‘Can you hear that noise in the kitchen? I’m afraid to get up!’
Penny: ‘The honking noise?’
Flossie: ‘It sounds like the roof is creaking and about to fall in. Either that or we’ve acquired a donkey’
Penny: ‘Never fear, Bob is here. He’s just practicing his harmonica…’
Flossie: ‘That is actually MUSIC?’

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