Penny Pinkerton Gets Around

Chapter 12 

Thursday 10th October 

7:18am – Lying in the Castle of Penny

via Text Message 
Penny: ‘I’ve just woken up and found two pieces of duct tape in my hair. You know the due date is drawing near when you start sleeping with your assignment’
Fletch: ‘Lucky assignment…’

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Penny Pinkerton Finds Her Zen

Chapter Ten

Thursday 26th September 

7:14am – Lying in the Castle of Penny

via Text Message
Mother Dearest: ‘Have found cute man for you at beach. Currently chasing him down main street for phone number. Will report back’
Penny *groaning*: ‘Please don’t. Please just keep running. Is there a pier nearby?’

Maybe if I go back to sleep I will realize it was all a bad dream…

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The Semi Final Report

Northern Netball League – Division 4 – 2014

Watsonia 43 def Lakeside 15

The Mighty Ducks. Miracle. Angels in the Outfield. Remember the Titans. The Rookie.

All good sporting movies start with a person or a team who are fumbling along, who are doubted, who have their challenges, who add a few people and lose a few to injury, and then who rise to the occasion only to fall over and just as you think all is lost, dig deep and find something more and eventually come out victorious. (And not just because everyone has paid $20 to see a movie that makes them feel warm and fuzzy) but because that’s how it works with teams who have the desire, talent and drive to win.

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