Penny Pinkerton Gets Personal

Chapter 8

Thursday 12th September 

7:12am – Kitchen, Chez du Pinkerton Mad 

Stumble out of bed at the crack of 7am, walk through the kitchen, half asleep, en route to the bathroom when I overhear this…

Mother Dearest *reading the careers section in the paper*: ‘I need a career change…’
Father Bear: ‘Well, are there any jobs there that take your eye?’
Mother Dearest *clapping excitedly & pointing*: ‘Oo, I could be a Sex Therapist! I mean, I’ve got the teaching background’
Father Bear *eyebrows raised*
Penny *walks into the bench*: ‘Ow! Perhaps not until you’ve read ‘Gay Stories’ hey Mum?’

Someone please, tell me I’m dreaming.

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