Penny Rises Again: An Easter Miracle

Good Friday

9:02am – Lying in the Castle of Penny

Listening to the sounds of the Pinkerton Family Mad trickle through the doorway…

Flossie: ‘COME AT ME HOT CROSS BUNS!… Oh hi Grandma!’
The Matriarch: ‘Hello Flossie, could you just help me open the door to the bathroom?’
Mother Dearest: ‘Prince Harry arrives in three days… I’ve been watching episodes of JAG daily on TV to prepare for his arrival!’

Five minutes later… the laundry door opens and Grandma shuffles out…

Bob: ‘So Grandma, how was your poo?’
Mother Dearest: ‘BOB! HOW DARE YOU!’
Bob *sounding confused*: ‘What? You guys always ask me how mine was? I thought that was just what we did?’
Mother Dearest: ‘Oh Shit. Harry is never going to visit us…’
Flossie: ‘I’d say shit is the least of your problems here at the moment Mum’

Think it might be safer just to stay in bed actually…

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